Donate Food, Donate Time, Donate Money! Give to The Chateauguay Food Bank

The Chateauguay Food Bank is depending on your Support -

Now, and especially on October 4th!

On October 4th, 2014 The Chateauguay Food Bank will be asking for your much needed assistance.  Since it’s inception in 1989, the Chateauguay Food Bank has worked diligently on a ongoing basis to meet the need of it’s users. Being a mostly self reliant entity without much corporate sponsorship or direct ‘grocery chain’ donations, they must sometime resort to actually purchasing food in order to ensure that all their clients will have enough to eat.


Donate Food, Donate Money or Donate Time – especially on October 4th they are counting on your community involvement and help as they go door to door seeking your donations. *Volunteers and drivers are greatly needed to help in the collection and pick up of donations on October 4th.*

Their mandate is one of caring and sharing on a non discriminatory basis.  Their mandate is to help low income citizens, and/ or others who due to numerous circumstances, may need a hand up to ensure that their household has a supply of food.

They are not the type of organization that will scrutinize your social assistance identification in order to determine your official status for ‘eligibility’ prior to assisting you. Milt Dodds stated that the Chateauguay based local registered charity trust that if you are actually making an effort to ask for their help , then they believe that you are indeed  in need, and in turn merit their assistance.

This perspective in turn assists our community in moving towards better health by providing needy clients with this added nutritional support.

The Chateauguay Food Bank clients vary in age and ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds, but they have one thing in common: they are all facing some hardship. Due to illness, short-term crisis, adverse economic conditions, and with the ever increasing cost of living, citizens of all provenances and demographics are finding it increasingly difficult to buy groceries to adequately feed themselves and/or their families.

Milt Dodds has been at the helm of this local registered charity for the last 15 years. In a conversation with Milt, the was informed of the seriousness of the situation and the constant need for alimentary assistance here in Chateauguay.

The Chateauguay Food Bank is seeking donations of food and/or monetary support. A tax receipt can be provided for monetary donations upon request.

Your donation will go directly to feeding individuals and families in our community. Unlike some other local or regional organizations , The Chateauguay Food Bank does not have large grocery chains regularly supplying the warehouse with food or monetary donations.This is why they need you.

If donating food, kindly donate cans or food donations that are not past the sell or ‘use by’ date.

Volunteers are also needed at all times, but especially for the October 4th Food Drive.


*Please contact the Chateauguay Food Bank and/or Milt Dodds  for all offers of  assistance and donations.

Polls open in Scotland, 97% registered to vote

Photo: Ian Rutherford/

“Should Scotland be an independent country?” That is the question.

For many of us here in Chateauguay and throughout the Chateauguay Valley, the Scottish Referendum is of great interest to us given the fact that a good number of us are first or second generation Scottish or UK immigrants to Canada.

Polls opened in Scotland with 97% registered to vote in the referendum for Independence from the UK .

Over 4,000,000 citizens are expected to turn out and vote.

2,600 polling stations will be manned between Thursday from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. in Scotland.

The referendum race so far has become increasingly interesting and is anticipated to get a great turnout of voters. Bookies in the UK and Scotland are processing record amounts worth of bets, stating that the referendum has proven to be one of the largest non-sporting betting market ever. According to the Daily Telegraph, the markets are in tune with bookmakers in believing the Scots will reject independence.

Once the polls have closed, ballots will be counted in each of Scotland’s 32 local authority areas. Results should be available around Midnight our time.


Photo: Ian Rutherford/



Many news

Called to Jury Duty?

Stories are circulating that some people may be trying to avoid being appointed as Jurors to ‘the’ certain high profile trial that will be commencing soon.

It is rumored that there may be some potential candidates as jurors who will try to opt out of jury selection by  stating that they are unilingual, and in turn perhaps may not fit the criteria of sitting on the case.

The court is now warning that if any  statements are found to be untrue, they could incur fines or be reprimanded.

Given the potential disturbing nature of this upcoming trial, many are seemingly fearful of being involved. The is refraining to disclose the actual trial name as not to promote the media show, hype and potential disturbing nature and commentaries that will soon ensue once it begins.

We will NOT be reporting anything about the upcoming case in the future.

The Role of a Juror/ Québec

Get more information about Justice Quebec and Jury Duty here..

Wanted:Montreal Canadiens Anthem Singer and Host!

Auditions continue today at the Bell Centre in Montreal as the Habs look for their National Anthem Singer and In-game host! It’s an OPEN audition for all.

Here are/were the criteria: (Singers were yesterday)

September 9: National anthem singer auditions 
- Open to all

- Auditions begin at 9:00 a.m.

- Available on game nights — both weekdays and weekends — from September to June

- No instruments; the anthem is performed a capella

- Solo, or in a group of four (4) or less

September 10: In-game host

- Open to all

- Auditions begin at 9:00 a.m.

The ideal in-game host:

- PERFECTLY bilingual (French and English) – 18+

- Available on game nights — both weekdays
and weekends — from September to June

- Outgoing, photogenic and comfortable in front of a camera

see their website for detailed info!




Mai Duong : Her Battle Continues…

Although more than 2000 people of Asian decent have already responded to Mai Duong’s plea to find a matching bone marrow stem cell donation, her urgent search still continues.

Since launching her campaign to find a compatible donor, Mai’s battle with Acute Leukemia remains ongoing. Of those who had initially responded to her search, it has been reported that perhaps only 1/3 have actually returned the saliva kit back to Hema Quebec. With time being of the essence, we would like to encourage and remind any of you who may have answered her initial request – to kindly follow through, and promptly send back your saliva kits.


For those not of Vietnamese origin -this does not mean that you cannot help Mai and others affected by Cancer of all types. It is not selective based upon age, gender, ethic origin, or socio economic status.

Spread the word in any way you can whether via social media, word of mouth, fundraisers and financial contributions. Get involved with community organizations, awareness campaigns and outreach programs. Donate in any way possible.

Learn more about Bone Marrow and Stem cell donation below.

Help is needed, be part of finding ‘The Cure’ in any way you can.

Visit Mai’s website:


Canadian Cancer Society

photos: via, fondationHMR:Mai Duong-youtubechannel


Last Garage Sale weekend of the year!

garage sale

Alas, as the summer festivities come to an end, it’s time for the final round of garage sales in Chateauguay.

This weekend is your last chance to find hidden treasures and so much more, or to simply sell off your no longer needed items.

This last round of garage sales is on September 6 and 7, 2014.

You can promote yours by adding your address to the city website, and please remember that it is NOT permitted to post signage on city property (example: poles and light standards) directing traffic to your sale site!