Desjardins Ecomarché de l’ile this weekend – Chateauguay

écomarché de l’île

The fifth anniversary of the Desjardins Ecomarché de l’ile will be held on Ile Saint-Bernard on the 23rd and 24th of August.

The hours will be from 10 am to 5 pm  with close to 80 exhibitors on site.

Kiosks will offer a wide variety of environmentally friendly products, works of Quebec artisans and local produce. There will be Free entertainment and shows, Yoga classes, Eco based workshops for kids and children’s make up.. 

Access to the site is free. For details on the event and for a list of exhibitors, visit




Hollywood Type Heist in Brossard last night



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A Hollywood Type Heist in South Shore Brossard last night has police seeking clues and information. An Garda Armoured Vehicle was in front of the RBC bank at Place Portabello on Taschereau blvd. at approximately 11 pm when two guards were confronted by 2 men reportedly wearing Halloween like masks. The two robbers were armed – one with a hunting rifle, the other with a handgun.

After pepper spraying the guards,the perps were able to immobilize the guards and steal a reported $ 431,000 dollars, although the exact count has not been determined.

“We have no description of the suspects because it happened quickly and they had their faces partially covered,” said Ghyslain Vallieres, spokesman of the Longueuil police.

The investigation continues…


photos: photo for descriptive purposes only


Emma Czornobaj to appeal

Emma Czornobaj , 25, has won the right to appeal her conviction for criminal negligence causing death, and dangerous driving causing death.

Miss Czornobaj was involved in a sad and tragic accident in June 2010 where motorcylist Andre Roy and a passenger – his teen-aged daughter Jessie, both perished after colliding with her vehicle. Ms.Czornobaj said that she had stopped her vehicle in concern for the safety of ducks on the roadway.

Citing that there was no criminal intent, her lawyer stated “We want the court of appeal to review this situation in Canadian criminal law where a person with no criminal intent is nevertheless convicted of a criminal offence,”.

She is to be officially sentenced on Sept. 19th and an impact statement will be offered by Roy’s widow and Jessie’s mother Pauline Volkakis.

Thousands of supporters have already signed a petition in hope of leniency toward Emma.

Mass Unauthorized Release of Minks at Controversial Fur Farm

The owner of the controversial Mink and Fox Farm located in St.Jude in Southern Quebec reported today that hundreds of Mink have been released from their cages. The farm located near St Hyacinthe,Qc made news last week when a video portraying the captive animals in cages, allegedly without access to fresh water or food. A spokesperson for the Forests, Wildlife and Parks Department says the exact number of minks has not be established thus far.

The fur of the American mink has been highly prized for its use in clothing, with hunting being replaced by farming. Its treatment has also been a focus of animal rights and animal welfare activism.Mink oil is used in some medical products and cosmetics, as well as to treat, preserve, and waterproof leather.

Both the American and European mink are semi-aquatic carnivores. Their diet mostly consists of fish, small rodents, amphibians, crustaceans, and insects depending on its ecological niche.

What could be the impact of these released animals back into ‘the wild’? Could they wreak havoc on the local fauna, adjacent farms, small livestock and/or would they even be able to survive if having been bred in captivity?

These are questions that the experts will surely be answering in the near future.

The perpetrator or perpetrators of this unauthorized release have not been apprehended by Police thus far, and the case is under active investigation.



St Jude Fur Farm Protests this weekend

Photo posted by animal activists/ social media FB

An inspection/intervention on a Montérégie Mink and Fox farm last week has created much concern after it was decided that it was that the majority of the animals would continue to remain at the site.

The living conditions in which these wild animals had to endure were said to be horrible and many reportedly had no access to fresh water or food.

The SPCA was reported to believe that several animals died on this farm for lack of care. About 80 foxes and 10,000 minks are supposedly kept in tiny cages on the property. It was also said that perhaps only four foxes and mink were actually seized that day.

Amanda Devine of the SPCA “Really, if you can imagine what hell is like, that is what these animals are living in. It’s hell, We’re talking about horrific, horrific conditions. It’s absolutely unacceptable.”
Devine said the animals are “sitting on top of each other” in tight spaces and walking on floors that cut their feet. The SPCA also said excrement was piling up in cages, and that animals didn’t have access to clean water or medical care.

Although a video is circulating over the internet and via media outlets, the chooses not to repost it in our forum due to it’s  potential sensitive nature to our readership community.

Earlier this week a spokesperson with The Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks said the animals are “unfortunately bred for the fur industry and all urgent issues at the farm have been dealt with.”

Laurent Lessard,  assured that officers wildlife protection intervened “in order to stop the abuse and restore the situation “and that” they will continue to do so regularly in the coming weeks to confirm that the living conditions of animals continues to improve.

Fur farms in Quebec are not regulated and most of them don’t need permits to function. Alan Herscovici with the Fur Council stated “The only way to have a good quality fur is to give the animals excellent, excellent care,” he says.He says the industry has a code of conduct which it takes very seriously.

An outcry for the removal of the remaining animals and further suspension of the Fur trade activity on that farm has been rapidly propagating online by citizens and animal activists alike. It  has also led to an online petition at  that with 10,000 names thus far.

Social media and animal activist related websites are now sharing information about a planned protest to be held at the Saint-Jude (Québec) farm this coming Saturday.   They are requesting all potential protesters follow a dress code of all black in order to symbolize their mourning for the animals.