REMINDER : Honoré-Mercier Bridge lane closure as of Friday morning

Honoré-Mercier Bridge: REMINDER Important message from the MTQ : Prolongation of Work during Easter Weekend


The ministère des Transports du Québec wishes to inform road users that the work schedule planned during Easter Weekend on the Honoré-Mercier Bridge has been extended. Take note that both westbound lanes of the Honoré-Mercier Bridge (to the South Shore) will be closed to traffic fromFriday, April 18th, 5 AM, to Tuesday, April 22nd, 5 AM.

During this period, there will be contraflow traffic on the downstream bridge (towards Montreal), with one single lane in each direction.

Please note that work planned from April 11th to 14th is cancelled.

These lane closures are required for repair work of the structural elements, under the bridge.

These interventions might be postponed or shortened due to weather conditions, operational constraints or work progression. The Ministère will keep you informed in due time.

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Is your dog insured under your homeowner policy?

Tracy Patterson is a hobby farm owner in St-Antoine-Abbé near Chateauguay.

His insurance policy was cancelled after an inspector went to inspect his barn and reported to his respective Insurance company that he owns 2 Rottweilers.

After much frustration and rejection by other potential insurers, he found a broker who in turn found a company that would allow him coverage.

Mr Patterson stated, “I live in the country, I’m far from the road, I’m far from neighbors. I could understand if I lived in downtown Montreal where certain breeds are not allowed or banned”

The family were rightfully worried that they would have to get rid of their dogs.

Many homeowners aren’t aware that their insurance company may nor offer coverage for certain breed specific policies. Contact your insurance provider to ensure that your pet is indeed covered in your contract for liability insurance.

Tolls on new Champlain Bridge

Trafic en direct

Minister Denis Lebel stated that planned toll collection on the projected new Champlain Bridge is NOT up for mediation. He also stated that the Harper Government’s decision  to have a “user pay” system in place is’ irrevocable and a matter of fairness’. 

Lebel says once the toll fee is decided, it will then be capped.

The new bridge should be in place by 2018 at an estimated cost of three to five billion dollars.

 Watch the Champlain Bridge Engineering video here.

In the wake of the HeartBleed bug outage:

1. CRA has extended this year’s T1 tax filing deadline to May 5th to allow taxpayers extra time to file their tax returns without incurring interest or penalties.

2. While the security of your data on CRA servers has been reaffirmed, the CRA is now aware that due to a malicious breach of taxpayer data during a brief period of vulnerability, the Social Insurance Numbers (SIN) of approximately 900 taxpayers were removed from CRA systems. Data may also have been removed regarding some businesses.  Please be aware that those impacted will be contacted by the CRA by registered letter ONLY. The CRA will not be contacting anyone by email or telephone in this regard.  “The CRA will also provide those who have been affected with access to credit protection services at no cost. And we will apply additional protections to their CRA accounts to prevent any unauthorized activity”, the commissioner’s statement reads.

Click here to read the full message from Andrew Teusch, Commissioner of the Canada Revenue Agency regarding the vulnerability: as posted on