Sylvain Chicoine Deputy MP Châteauguay- Saint-Constant

Congratulations are of the order for New Democratic Party’s Member of Parliament Sylvain Chicoine, who represents our constituency of Châteauguay- Saint-Constant. His attendance record of 99.3% is exemplary for House of Commons and is in the top percentages for Deputy MP attendance records.
He was elected to the Canadian House of Commons in May of 2011 election.Prior to being elected, Chicoine worked as a Special Constable at the Université de Montréal. He has a diploma in police technology from Collège de Maisonneuve.

Félicitations Sylvain, Thanks from all Chateauguay Citizens for a job well done!

Parliament’s Sergeant-at-Arms Vickers to become Ambassador to Ireland

Congratulations are in order for Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers, 59, an Irish-Canadian from New Brunswick. He will be named Canada’s Ambassador to Ireland.

Vickers became a national Hero when he ended the October 22, 2014, shootings at Parliament Hill in Ottawa. He killed gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, who was exchanging gunfire with security personnel in the Centre Block of the Canadian parliamentary complex.

Minutes earlier, Zehaf-Bibeau had killed Corporal Nathan Cirillo, a ceremonial guard, at the Canadian National War Memorial and shot a constable at the Peace Tower entrance. The whole country mourned the loss of the Corporal.

Chateauguay’s Salting and Sanding of Roads

How do you feel about the city’s snow removal and salting on icy Chateauguay roads thus far?

Many of our residents are definitely not impressed, especially since our most recent wild weather over the last week.

Understandably so, Châteauguay has 550 km of streets and more or less 62 km of sidewalk. We indeed comprehend that such clean up measures take time.

Yet, given the intensity and thickness of the remaining ICE on many side streets that indeed still remain since the ICE STORM last Sunday, time is definitely of the essence to perhaps better ensure Citizen mobility issues and their general safety (in our humble opinion)

According to the Chateauguay Public Works Dept, the salting and sanding of main arteries/roads obviously take priority after any major quantity of snow and/or ice storms. Roads with hills or other potentially hazardous inclines or issues are also managed first.

BUT-Are you aware that Chateauguay residential and side roads now only get sanded or salted if in the event of an actual ICE STORM? That was indeed news to us!

If your road has NOT been sanded or salted since this recent ‘official’ ICE STORM, you may always call Chateauguay Public works in order to verify or perhaps request that your road is indeed on an appropriate scheduled route.

Chateauguay Public Works Dept. 450-698-3150

(photo for information purposes only)


On the anniversary of 1998, an Ice storm comes calling on Chateauguay

3000 resident of the Montéregie remain without electricity this morning after a tumultuous 24 hours of mixed severe weather. 20 centimetres of snow then constant freezing rain layered and literally froze everything in sight. Montreal and outer areas still have hundreds of Hydro clients without service at this time.

Reminiscent of the historical 1998 ice storm, most local people were worried that this weather event would keep them ‘in the dark’ for much longer than it actually did.

Ironically this smaller ‘Ice and snow Storm’ fell on the actual anniversary of the historical 1998 Ice Storm. As if a ‘Déjà vu’, many Chateauguay area residents once again witnessed familiar blue flashes in the dark sky, and heard the occasional ‘Boom’ of transformers as they were being rendered powerless during yesterday’s event.

Trees and branches covered in ice were once again the habitual culprits to the outages.

As in the famous ‘Ice Storm of 1998’ ice laden falling branches and other severe weather related conditions knocked out area Hydro lines, and thousands of South Shore residents remained powerless- some enduring the disaster for long weeks on end..

During yesterday’s storm, thousands of Chateauguay residents had increasingly been left without electricity from early morning on, although the majority of Hydro customers had their power fully restored by evening.

Area locals sighed a breath of relief last evening when the local power outages were resolved so quickly. Hydro reportedly had crews already anticipating such an event.

To the continued dismay of many, telephone calls to Hydro’s customer service went directly to their automated system as clients attempted to inquire about time delays for the reestablishment of service.

High winds and cold conditions have flash frozen many of our roadways and sidewalks overnight.

The high winds that started overnight are reportedly causing more power outages this morning according to Hydro Québec.

So- cross your fingers, and don’t put away those candles just yet!

Legendary singer Joe Cocker passes away

Legendary English born singer Joe Cocker passed away today at the age of 70. He had been suffering from Lung Cancer. The Grammy award winning singer was well known for his raspy voice, his jerky movements while performing and his soulful delivery of lyrics. He left a legacy of hits like With a Little Help from My Friends, You Are So Beautiful, and Up Where We Belong.

20 May 1944 – 22 December 2014.

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The Old Port- New Year’s skating till 2 a.m

En soirée

For the Holiday season, the Old Port skating rink will be open everyday from 10am to 10pm –

Don’t have your own skates? No problem! You can rent them on-site and use a locker to store your personal items. There’s always music in the air when you’re at the skating rink, especially on nights where our skaters dance to the best of rock, classical or jazz.

Classical Mondays
World Music Tuesdays
Urban Sounds Wednesdays
Romantic Thursdays
Retro Fridays (80s and 90s)
Rhythm Saturdays
French Music Sundays

BUT on New Year’s- December 31 is when when skaters will be able to enjoy it until 2am!

Skate rental: $9 (with guarantee: credit card or driver’s license or $ 50 deposit required)
Padlocks rental: $4  (with $ 5 deposit required)

See the line up for the New Year’s festivities and shows that evening at the Old Port!

hen you visit the Old Port, you can park in one of our three parking lots open around the clock.

  • Clock Tower Quay: 788 parking places
    Access via Berri St. or De la Commune heading west.
  • King Edward Quay (Montréal Science Centre): 450 places
    Access via Saint-Laurent Blvd. or De la Commune East or West
  • Alexandra Quay: 720 places
    Access via De la Callière St. or De la Commune

Free parking spaces for disabled people. home

Holiday “Weather Cocktail” on it’s way!

Weather Warnings

Freezing rain warning in effect for:

  • Châteauguay – La Prairie area
  • Laval area
  • Longueuil – Varennes area
  • Montréal Island area

Ice build-up due to freezing rain is expected or occurring.

A low pressure system developing over the Central United States will intensify over the Great Lakes area early in the week. A strong southerly flow will settle over the eastern part of the continent, bringing a mild and humid air mass over the province of Quebec.

On Tuesday the 23rd, a mix bag of precipitation will begin to fall
Over Southern Quebec. Snow will be followed by rain, but there is a
Chance of freezing rain during the transition. In the St Lawrence
Valley, a significant period of freezing rain is expected; a warning
Has been issued.

A mix bag of precipitation will begin to fall over Southern Quebec TY. Freezing rain should prevail in the St Lawrence Valley for much of the day. In fact, despite the arrival of the mild air mass, persistent northeasterly winds along the St Lawrence Valley will feed an influx of cold air near the surface, creating conditions favourable for the development of freezing rain.

A storm will also hit Eastern Canada from the 23rd to the 25th of December. This low pressure system is developing over the central United States and will intensify over the Great Lakes area early in the week. A strong southerly flow will set up over the eastern part of the continent, bringing a mild and humid air mass over Quebec and The Maritimes.

Christmas Eve will be rainy and almost tropical everywhere
In Quebec with temperatures soaring to 10 Celsius. High winds could reach 70 km/hr.
Thunderstorms are a possibility. Strong easterly winds are also expected.
Total rainfall amounts could exceed 25 mm locally.