Chateauguay seemingly ‘Throwing down the gauntlet’ to rein in their ‘Cowboy Cops’

Law Man Badge

So, Quebec Public Security Minister Lise Thériault isn’t the only one unhappy about the St Tite acquired Sheriff uniforms worn by the Police of Chateauguay.  It seems like our Municipal Mayoress Nathalie Simon is quite fed up and has seemingly “thrown down the gauntlet” in an effort to to rein in Chateauguay’s ‘Cowboy Cops’. She is requesting that Quebec’s labour relations commission rule in regard to our Police Force’s continued dressing in western attire.

Still protesting Bill 3, ( Police pension reform)  the Chateauguay Police Brotherhood union purchased $25,000 worth of the cowboy-themed uniforms and boots. Chateauguay’s Citizens reportedly have mixed reactions on the ‘new duds’.

One resident  told the that she thinks that they look like left over costumes from Halloween – and further stated that “the badges look like they were purchased at the Dollar Store”. Other residents actually like the ‘get up’ – “especially the Cowboy Hats and Boots” one remarked. Other have mentioned that they feel disrespected by the dress up antics and feel that the local cops cannot be taken seriously. Some others are calling them ‘babies’. Others are praising their Public relations team for their tactics to garner media interest and in turn causing much visibility for their ’cause’.

Mayoress Simon reportedly voiced her concern “we are no longer able to tell the difference between real police and someone who is disguised as a police officer.”

It seems that even the Provincial Federation of Municipal Police officers or (La Fédération des policiers municipaux du Québec) (FPMQ) are also concerned about the choice of attire. They released a statement saying :

“The goal of pressure tactics is to put pressure on those who make decisions while maintaining service to the public in its entirety,” “Unfortunately, we believe the wearing of the sheriff’s costume while carrying out the function of a police officer cannot guarantee this fundamental goal.

The city is also said to be confused as to why the Quebec Workplace Safety Board ( CSST) has declined to intervene in regard to the wearing of the attire Cowboy Boots, concerned about the potential for safety related issues.

“The city’s position on this matter is clear-The costumes being worn by members of the police brotherhood, in particular the boots -do not permit the efficient execution of their duties, which could compromise a service that the public has the right to receive.” said Chateauguay officials.

The controversy continues…

PS-This picture below is not meant to reflect on the issues or is not to be taken as anything to do with the situation or to imply any opinion on the Chateauguay Police whatsoever – We greatly appreciate our Police force, we greatly admire them and continue to respect and Thank them for  their unfaltering commitment to ensuring the safety of ALL Chateauguay Citizens- no matter what they are wearing!


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The Sûreté du Québec Drug Prevention Week

App screen on smart phones

The Sûreté du Québec is currently involved in Drug Prevention Week which runs from November 16 to 22.

They are inviting citizens to download an informative RCMP mobile Drug App via their smart phones.

The RCMP mobile drug application, provides quick access at any time to a host of information on drugs and their current trends.

This application of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is available in the App Store and Google Play or by following the link here.

This tool has many uses – from prevention to identification and information.

Expropriation planned for school addition in Saint-Césaire ( Montérégie)

Between eight and ten homes/rental units are likely to be expropriated in the Montérégie town of Saint-Césaire.

The reason being is that the local elementary school has simply became too small and the town has no available land lots large enough to accommodate the building of a new school in their municipality.

Approximately 175 students at St. Vincent Elementary School could have been transferred out of the small town to another school in proximity of Saint-Césaire .

L’Ange-Gardien, located ten kilometers away had a large enough land to accommodate the building of a new school, but the Commission scolaire des Hautes-Rivières motioned and seemed in agreement last night to instead build an addition to their respective existing school buildings.

The expropriation of the residential dwellings and rental units should cost approximately $ 3 million dollars.

Although in consultation with legal counsel and the Ministry of Education, they hope to have a quick resolution and agreement to the issue in order to expedite the planning and construction there of.

Lost Pets / Chateauguay woman reunites with lost Yorkie

On November 7,  Diane Richer of ‘Richer Design ” in Chateauguay lost her constant companion, a Yorkie” Mia” at Place Bonaventure. She searched desperately for the little dog, and placed multiple ads offering a reward of $ 2,000 to find her.

Concordia University student Galina Belokopytova, 23, reportedly took the little dog in a parking lot near the Bell Center after a parking lot worker stated that the dog had been abandoned by an inebriated female.

Galina’s mother lives in Ottawa was slated to take the Yorkie to the Veterinarian when she spotted an advertisement/notice about Mia being lost.

She contacted Chateauguay resident  Ms. Richer,  who has now been reunited with her little companion.

Mrs. Belokopytova graciously refused to accept the reward.

Tips if you lose your pet

As most people already know, the most critical time in a missing-persons case is the first 24 hours. The same goes for missing Pets. Always make sure that your animal is appropriately tagged or microchipped. The city of Chateauguay requires all pets on the territory to be licensed.

This is also a form of ensuring proper identification in case of loss. The Refuge AMR based at 47 St-Pierre in Saint-Constant oversees the lost, found and animals requiring assistance on Chateauguay Territory.

If you see an animal who requires aid, you must firstly call the local Chateauguay Police to make a report and follow their directives.

Ensure up to date ID on your dog’s collar or accessories at all times!

ALWAYS keep your animal ON A LEASH. 

Have your telephone numbers etched onto it’s tags and of course Microchipping your pet is also a great way to assist and facilitate the recovery of a lost pet.

Contact your Police, SPCA or local refuge, your neighbors, post on Social Media animal related groups, and request that community and pet related websites in your area share your information.

Dec.1st New Recycling / Garbage Restrictions


Effective December 1, 2014

Chateauguay and the rest of the MRC De Roussillon towns will no longer accept the following items for pick up in the regular garbage collection:



Christmas Trees and Branches

Please refer to the MRC De Roussillon directives here. Or Call 514-928-5227 for the Info Line.

You may also like to peruse the EPRA recycling website.

Remember, residents are allowed only 3 visits per year to the Chateauguay Ecocenter, after that- you must pay to dispose of certain materials and items.

(PS you likely received a color flyer in your mail.) Hmmm – wondering what the cost of that was to print and send out..

(photo via the EPRA)

The Granby Zoomobile – About Mammals- Chateauguay Library tomorrow

The Chateauguay Library and the Zoomobile from the Granby Zoo will be offering an interactive demonstration geared at 5-10 year olds who are interested in learning about Mammals and how they survive.

This will take place at the Chateauguay Municipal Library on Maple tomorrow, Saturday November 15th at 1:30 p.m.

The cost is $2 for members, and $5 for non members.

Upon inquiring to the Library, it was unclear if actual ‘live’ mammals would be present in the demonstration.

They were also unsure if the ‘animation’ would be offered in French only. ( But they stated that it is usually in French only)

The library staff said that they would ‘find out’ later and that we should call back again.

We even tried to call the Zoo, to see if the ‘animator’ could answer the questions but the machine said that  it is Closed until December 26th.

  So-Kindly contact the Library directly for more information later this afternoon or tomorrow morning:

25, Maple boulevard
Châteauguay (Québec)
J6J 3P7

The ‘Charbonneau Commission’ Wraps it Up Today

Established in 2011 and officially known as the “Commission of Inquiry on the Awarding and Management of Public Contracts in the Construction Industry”, the alternately known “Charbonneau Commission” will cease it’s sittings and inquiries today. Chaired by Justice France Charbonneau, the mandate of this Committee was to:

  1. Examine the existence of schemes and, where appropriate, to paint a portrait of activities involving collusion and corruption in the provision and management of public contracts in the construction industry (including private organizations, government enterprises and municipalities) and to include any links with the financing of political parties.
  2. Paint a picture of possible organized crime infiltration in the construction industry.
  3. Examine possible solutions and make recommendations establishing measures to identify, reduce and prevent collusion and corruption in awarding and managing public contracts in the construction industry.

After nearly 200 estimated witnesses and many testimonies over the last few years,  the Charbonneau commission finally ends it’s public hearings today. The many witnesses have detailed intricate systems of bid-rigging, intimidation, pay-offs and much collusion, not only in the construction industry but many others.

From Politicians to Mobsters, Construction companies and Lay people, to Cities and Public Institutions- numerous witnesses blew the lid off many schemes and kickbacks over the last few years.

Repercussions in the political arena even saw the resignations of Laval mayor Gilles Vaillancourt, Montreal mayor Gérald Tremblay and Montreal interim-mayor Michael Applebaum .

Logo de l'organisation

UPAC investigators and Quebec’s permanent anti-corruption squad -was created to deal with the fight against corruption ( LCLCC ) in March 2011 , seven months before the Charbonneau commission was created. Its mission was and is is to ensure coordination of prevention and the fight against corruption in contracting in the public sector. They have surely been able to keep themselves busy.

You can peruse a great UPAC timeline here via the Montreal Gazette.

To read timeline transcripts and see relative video and recordings please click here to go to the Commission’s website.

The best summary so far may be found in the words of Giuseppe Borsellino:

Everything is Truqué!