BREAKING NEWS! Jim Blevings of Chateauguay, A Hero among us!

take a bite crime

A Hero Among Us, Jim Blevings.

Jim Blevings of Chateauguay was integral in leading the police and immigration authorities to a fugitive indicted child molestor. Indicted for sexually molesting a 4-year-old girl in New York, “Michael” as he called himself- met Jim at a local bar. He was saying that he was running from drug dealers and had crossed the Canada/US border through a wooded area near Huntington, Quebec. Jim befriended him in order to seek out more information as he felt uneasy with his stories. He then assumed a detective like role along when he felt that his stories were questionable. He managed to see some of “Michael” ID, via the promise of assisting him with employment and other help. Jim soon realized that the name on the ID was different to that he was using.

Mr Blevings and a curious friend in turn “Googled” the name on the ID card – Joseph M. Elioff- and their results indicated that the individual in question had been indicted for sexually molesting a 4-year-old girl in New York.

Jim took initiative and phoned the District Attorney in New York where it was confirmed that Joseph M. Elioff was indeed wanted for arrest after not showing up for court in October. Realizing the urgency of this matter, Mr Blevings took the initiative to meet with local police, where a ‘sting’ operation was organized to arrest the fugitive.

After waiting for paperwork so they could get a warrant, the sting was put into motion when Mr Blevings eventually drove the unknowing child molester to the parking lot of the Tim Horton’s and old Chateauguay Zellers where they were quickly surrounded by police and immigration authorities. The suspect remains in custody in Quebec pending a transfer to U.S. authorities.

Thanks to his relentless commitment in getting this criminal off our Chateauguay streets, he placed himself in danger in order to make our Chateauguay community a safer place for our children.


Thank You from all of us, you truly deserve a medal for your HEROIC deed.

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